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About Us: NCEE

The National Coalition for Equity in Education (NCEE) - a coalition of early childhood through university educators - supports the achievement of equity in education. NCEE's work is based on the Perspectives on Equity and a commitment to provide emotional and intellectual support to educators as they work for the transformation of educational settings.


To identify and promote practices and policies in educational settings that support human learning and develop strategies to eliminate those practices and policies that injure people and interfere with their learning.

A cornerstone of many educational change efforts is "All children can learn," yet, in many settings, little time is spent reflecting on, or discussing, what that means.
  • Who are all children?

  • What does it mean to learn?

  • How must schools change in order for all children to learn?

  • What are the causes of failure to learn or decisions not to learn?

  • How does bias and prejudice (individual and institutional, conscious and unconscious) affect teaching, learning, and school policies?

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Equity in education is more complex than celebrating diversity. It requires articulating individual and school goals and making changes in practices.

The NCEE approach incorporates:

  • An ongoing effort to learn about how bias and prejudice affects schools, learning, and teaching.

  • Reflection on and confronting one's own beliefs and assumptions about equity.

  • Use of structures that provide a safe environment for emotional healing to take place.

  • People being listened to as they talk about their thoughts, feelings, concerns, and early memories (as target, bystander, or perpetrator) of different forms of bias.

  • Development of leaders who understand the depth and breadth of equity issues and are able to raise controversial issues while building unity.

  • Strategies that address policies, practices, and personal transformation while focusing on specific academic disciplines or school goals.

National Coalition for Equity in Education
Department of Education
University of California, Santa Barbara, Ca 93106-7090

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