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Articles On-Line and Documents

The following articles can be downloaded as Adobe PDF files. (Download: )These articles are for the personal and private use of individuals. Articles may not be reprinted without the prior permission of NCEE. To request reprint permission, please e-mail Julian Weissglass directly, or use our on-line request form.

The EMELI report, written by the Inverness Research Team can be accessed and downloaded fby clicking on the links below

  • Chapters 1 and 2: An overview of the EMELI project – its guiding beliefs and theory of action.
    Plus an executive summary of the evaluation findings. Summarizes what we believe are EMELI’s major contributions to mathematics education reform. In addition this chapter offers some general reflections that arise out of the EMELI experience.
  • Chapters 3: A case study of equity work in the Juneau School District in Alaska.
  • Chapter 4: A case study of the equity work carried out in the nine districts involved in the Urban Systemic Initiative in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Chapter 5: The story of several different EMELI teams who are working throughout the state of Colorado.

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